Russell Hsiao
In line with increasing regional concerns over cross-Strait tensions, Seoul has shown increasing willingness to align with the positions of the United States, Japan, and Western nations in expressing support for preserving “peace and stability” in the Taiwan Strait. Seoul has also displayed an increased willingness to engage with Taiwan in three areas: high-level statements, parliamentary diplomacy, and upgraded Track 1.5 diplomacy.
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John Dotson
In late August, the Tsai Administration announced a proposed 2024 defense budget of NTD $606.8 billion (approximately USD $19.1 billion), including both the baseline budget and expected supplemental spending. This would represent a 7.7 percent increase from the previous year, and would reportedly bring Taiwan’s overall defense spending to approximately 2.5 percent of GDP. This continues a trend in significantly increased defense spending from 2020 to the present. However, debates continue regarding both the necessary scale of Taiwan’s defense spending, as well as the focus of that spending on weapons acquisitions and other programs.
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Eric Jung
ROK President Yoon Suk Yeol’s recent actions to change the status quo with Japan and Taiwan have provided the rare opportunity to secure greater South Korean commitment on cross-Strait issues. However, the United States’ attempt to engage South Korea through the Chip 4 alliance seems to be ineffective, and Seoul is showing itself to be reluctant to commit to the initiative.
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