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GTI Insights

An audio podcast produced and hosted by the staff of GTI, GTI Insights consists of brief, timely interviews with a wide range of policy experts, including academics, government officials, and journalists. From security and defense matters to diplomatic and trade issues, the podcast explores a variety of topics related to Taiwan and its place in the world. In doing so, it works to shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities facing the island democracy in an uncertain world.


Season 1, Episode 10:

We interviewed US policy analyst Jamie Fly. Currently based in Berlin, Fly serves as the newest member of GTI’s Advisory Board, as well as a Senior Fellow and Senior Advisor to the President at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, where he researches transatlantic relations, EU foreign policy, and the relationship between the US, Europe, and China. In a wide-ranging interview, he shares his thoughts on the Trump administration’s approach to the Taiwan Strait, potential impacts of Joe Biden’s election and subsequent cabinet nominations, and shifting European opinions on China and Taiwan.

Season 1, Episode 9:

We interviewed US scholar and professor Dr. Robert Sutter, who currently serves as Professor of Practice of International Affairs at the Elliott School at George Washington University, is a leading authority on the history and practice of US foreign policy in East Asia. In the wake of a tumultuous US presidential election, Dr. Sutter draws on his wealth of experience to provide insights into recent developments in Chinese foreign policy, the Trump administration’s approach to Taiwan, and the future of US-Taiwan relations during the Biden administration.

Season 1, Episode 8:

We interviewed Taiwanese scholar and sociologist Dr. Ming-sho Ho. Ho, who currently serves as a professor of sociology at National Taiwan University, is a leading expert on modern social movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as the complex relationship between identity and politics. In an informative and timely interview, Ho shares his thoughts on the legacy of the Sunflower and Umbrella Movements, the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and the role of China as an adversary.

Season 1, Episode 7:

We interviewed Taiwan scholar Dr. Shelley Rigger. Rigger, who serves as the Brown Professor of Political Science at Davidson College and is a member of GTI’s Advisory Board, has long been recognized as a leading expert on Taiwan’s domestic politics, demography, and identity. In an informative interview, Rigger sheds light on Taiwan’s shifting electoral politics, youth issues, and relationship with China.

Season 1, Episode 6:

We interviewed journalist and scholar J. Michael Cole. A Senior Non-Resident Fellow with GTI, Cole is a leading expert on Taiwanese foreign policy and domestic politics. In a wide-ranging interview, Cole discusses his thoughts on cross-Strait relations, Chinese foreign policy, as well as his recent book, Cross-Strait Relations since 2016: The End of the Illusion, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Taiwan-China relationship.

Season 1, Episode 5:

Program Manager and host of GTI Insights Marzia Borsoi-Kelly spoke with GTI Non-Resident Fellow J. Michael Cole about CCP influence operations in the media directed at Taiwan citizens, and the implications of these operations on the upcoming January 2020 presidential elections in Taiwan.

Season 1, Episode 4:

Program Manager and host of GTI Insights Marzia Borsoi-Kelly talks with Director of the DPP Mission in the US Michael Fonte about the DPP primary nomination of President Tsai and her campaign leading up to the January 2020 presidential elections in Taiwan.

Season 1, Episode 3:

Program Manager and host of GTI Insights Marzia Borsoi-Kelly invited former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, Lt. Gen. Gregson (USMC, ret.), to speak about the recent US-Taiwan-Japan joint declaration calling for enhanced American, Taiwanese, and Japanese cooperation in response to the PRC’s increasing “grey zone” tactics and pressure on Taiwan.

Season 1, Episode 2:

GTI Program Manager and host of GTI Insights Marzia Borsoi-Kelly talks with Professor Crison Chien from National Taiwan University about the ways in which Taiwan provides development aid, what are some of its unique aspects, and how its approach differs from countries with larger budgets.

Season 1, Episode 1:

GTI Program Manager and host of GTI Insights Marzia Borsoi-Kelly interviews Scott W. Harold, the associate director of the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy and they discuss the strengths and challenges of Taiwan’s development assistance, as well as Scott’s newly release report “Countering China’s Efforts to Isolate Taiwan Diplomatically in Latin American and the Caribbean: The Role of Development Assistance and Disaster Relief.”